women's collection from Women's Style!

The women's style company founded in 1995 to meet the needs of classical and modern woman, highlighting the feminine elegance and charm.

Concern always is the excellent quality, raw materials, strict control of production and continuous updating of fashion trends. Our staff and experience, makes us effective and flexible to your requirements.

"Give the woman the right outfit, and will conquer the world"

Who is Who:

immediate coverage

Fast and total coverage of wholesale orders.


Plenty of choices in designs and sizes

We design and manufacture our own collection.

Additionally collection outside the established.

Learn about new trends and extra creations.

  • Classic Collection

    The classic is not necessarily
    dimensional design.

    It is most often fit with countless different styles. Withstanding the process of time.

  • Modern Collection

    The modern is the constant search
    pulse of fashion

    that combined with comfortable and elegant line, ideal for all times of the day.

  • Costume jewelry

    Beauty and shine
    combining clothing and jewelry.

    For the independent and rebellious woman who does not hesitate for elegance.

  • Fashion show

    Fashion is unexpected
    New trends, stylish ensembles.

    2 times per year in print and electronic catalog, you can see our new recommendations.